Blockout Blinds

With blackout or blockout blinds, you will be able to create the perfect environment – from ensuring complete darkness for your toddler when they nap during the day to providing a cinema-esque feeling when watching a film in your home theatre.

Choose Your Style

blockout blinds


This is the name given to fabrics that are designed to prevent light from passing through. Light can still enter the room, however, via small gaps around the blind (notably the sides).

blackout blinds


This is the name given to block out blinds that have also been fitted with side tracks and pelmets, which prevents basically all light from entering the room. Choose this option for maximum darkness.

Choose Your Blinds

Many of the blinds in our range can be made blockout, including – roller, Thermacell cellular, roman, vertical, panel and dual roller. Whatever opening combinations are available in our standard range are also available in our blackout blinds range (see relevant product pages for more information).

Colour Choices

Don’t be fooled – block out and black out blinds are not restricted to black (although this is a popular colour choice). In fact, blockout fabrics can be made in a variety of colours, from those at the lighter end of the spectrum through to those at the darker end.

color choices

I want to congratulate you on the level of professionalism shown by your staff, at all levels in your organisation. Every contact I’ve had with EWF from my first phone call through to the installation of my blinds yesterday has been everything that I would wish for as a client. Thank you.


Q Are there any other benefits to installing these blinds?

AIf you’ve opted for blackout roller blinds (or some other type of blockout style window furnishing), you will be able to take advantage of their privacy control, added insulation and light control.

Q Are they safe for use around children?

AYes. If you have opted for motorised or other type of cordless operation, there will be no messy chains or cords for your children and pets to entangle themselves in. Cord and chain options are fitted with child safety devices.

Q How do I care for these blinds?

AThis is actually fairly simple, although we recommend following the same instructions that have been provided for the type of blinds you have selected. In general, however, giving them a regular dust should be sufficient.