Plantation Shutters

With such a diverse range of modern plantation shutters for sale, we are sure to have the ideal solution for your Canberra home. Their durability allows them to create a physical barrier between your home and the outside world, keeping the elements and any other unwanted intrusions out.

Choose Your Shutters

We have a wide range of modern window shutters to choose from, ensuring that we have a perfect match for your home and décor. From fauxwood PVC and aluminium to fixed louvre and hardwood plantation shutters for windows, we can help you to select the most suitable option. We also offer a range of roller shutters, which are great for improving your security.

We had our shutters installed today. Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the professional advice and for keeping us informed along the way. They look fantastic and the installer was very friendly and did a great job.

Tom Anderson

Materials & Colour Choices

If you have selected timber custom shutters, you will have a choice of two finishes – paint or stain – depending on the look you are after. Our fauxwood style is available in 3 colours, as well as is designed to resemble the natural beauty of timber. Our aluminium, fixed louvre and roller options are manufactured from durable metal to ensure their longevity.

When it comes to colour, rest assured that we have an extensive range of powder coated and timber grain options available that are sure to coordinate with any home or commercial premises.

What opening combinations can we have?

Depending on the type of modern shutters you have selected, you will have a choice of operating methods available. Our expert consultants can help you to select the most appropriate method for your needs. Opening combinations include: hinged, bi-fold, fixed and sliding. Our roller shutters can feature manual or motorised operation, depending on what you prefer.

Our fixed louvre option is designed to remain fixed in place, so cannot be opened or closed.


Q Are there any benefits to choosing shutters?

AApart from providing you with an elegant window furnishing that offers great light control, they’re an investment in your home. Quality shutters that have been measured and installed correctly can last for decades.

Q Are they installed indoors or outdoors?

AThis will really depend on the type you have selected. Timber and fauxwood ones are installed strictly indoors, whereas fixed louvre and roller are installed outdoors. Aluminium can be installed indoors or outdoors as required.

Q Can I have shutters if I live near the ocean?

AMany homeowners are concerned with installing custom shutters in coastal regions, as they worry that the salt in the air could cause premature corrosion. For all high wind and coastal areas, we will supply a cyclone rated product.