Roller Blinds

A practical and versatile choice for any home, Holland roller blinds has long been a popular choice because of the privacy and light control they offer. Suitable for all areas of the home, from bedrooms to kitchens, they are designed to stand the tests of time.

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Choose Your Style

Single roller blinds


Comprised of a single panel of fabric, these low maintenance blinds are contemporary and sleek in appearance, plus come with fully colour coordinated rails, chain and mechanism options.

Double roller blinds


Comprised of two panels of fabric that can be operated independently of each other, these blinds offer the ability to filter light and block it out on a single window – plus help to maintain your privacy.

Fabric & Colour Choices

Our range of modern roller blinds for sale is available in a choice of fabrics, depending on the level of privacy and light control you would like to achieve. Choose blockout for complete privacy and room darkening, sunscreen for softly filtered light and UV protection, and translucent to filter in natural daylight.

You will also be able to choose from an extensive range of colours and shades, ensuring that your finished blinds are the perfect complement for your décor.

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  • Provides complete privacy when closed
  • Excellent for room darkening when closed


  • Softly filtered light
  • Provides 80-97% UV protection
  • Provides privacy, heat control and glare reduction


  • Natural daylight filters in whilst maintaining privacy
  • Provides glare reduction

We had automated roller blinds fitted by Amaru and are very pleased with the result. The whole team, from Granville to Nicole to Peter, were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. In my capacity as resident Building Manager of our apartment block I will have no hesitation recommending you to our residents.

Bill Castles

What opening combinations can we have?

Our Holland blinds can be operated using a variety of methods, including: manual spring control (raised or lowered by hand), chain control (a continuous loop chain), wire guide (a continuous looped chain coupled with tensioned stainless steel guide wire), and motorised (remote control or switch).


Q How durable are these blinds?

AAs one of the oldest and most popular blinds in existence, rollers have really stood the test of time – and with good reason. Modern upgrades have made them hard to beat when on the lookout for a practical and durable window covering.

Q Are they safe for use around children?

AYes. We understand that the safety of your children and pets is important, which is why all of our chain reverse roller blinds are fitted with child safe devices. These generally comprise a clip that keeps the chain tensioned on the wall.

Q How do I care for these blinds?

AFortunately, they are relatively low maintenance. Use a duster or vacuum with the brush attachment to keep them looking good as new. Spot clean small marks and stains using a warm water and mild detergent solution.