Honeycomb Blinds / Cellular Blinds

We are excited to offer our very own unique range of custom cellular blinds, known by the name Thermacell. Recommended for almost every room of the home, from living areas through to bedrooms, they will help your space to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Our elegant Classic range prevents heat transfer through your windows, offers minimal stack height when the blinds are opened, and comes with a colour matched slimline headline.

Lux Range


Our sophisticated Lux range offers your windows the very best in insulation, is made from high quality components, and comes in a variety of control operations (including motorised).

We just had Thermacell blinds installed by Amaru & cannot thank them enough. The sleek, minimalist fashionable blinds look delicate yet are very durable, complimentary & are energy efficient. The professional manner in which the entire process was handled was hands down the best I have every experienced, right from the initial email I sent requesting their free measure & quote to the quote it's self, followed by the installation of the blinds, not only do the blinds looks spectacular (big call) but there really isn't any other way of describing how they look nor the quality of the blinds & I must mention the entire process was so speedy, I never even had to make a follow up call. On ending, apart from not having a single concern the entire staff from Granville who is the reason why I opted for EWF above the other quotes, to Nicole & Sarah to, the owner himself, John who installed the blinds & was such a pleasure, have to be commended on their knowledge, professionalism & to me most importantly friendly manner.


Fabric & Colour Choices

Choose from an extensive range of luxurious fabrics depending on the cell configuration you have selected for your honeycomb blinds in Canberra. Our range includes Metro Lucent (light filtering single cell), Metro Eclipse (blockout single cell), Linen (light filtering single cell), Skyline (sheer single cell) and City Lights (double cell).

You will also be able to choose from an extensive range of colours and shades, ensuring that your finished blinds are the perfect complement for your décor.

Metro Lucent

Light Filtering Single Cell

Metro Eclipse blockout single cell

Blockout Single Cell

Double Cell

City lights double cell

Light Filtering Single Cell

Skyline sheer single cell

Sheer Single Cell

What opening combinations can we have?

Our Thermacell blinds can be operated using a variety of methods, including: clutch control (a looped cord), cordless (a clear handle), motorised wand (push a button on the attached wand), and wireless remote control. We also offer a variety of configurations, including: standard bottom raise, top down/bottom up and day/night (which utilises one type of fabric for daytime privacy and another for pitch blackness at night).


Q Are cellular and honeycomb blinds the same thing?

AYes. These are just two of the names that these blinds have gone by over the years. The cellular name is fairly self-explanatory, whilst the honeycomb name comes from the shape of the air pockets, which do resemble honeycomb.

Q Can I use these blinds on windows of all sizes?

AWe can customise our cellular honeycomb blinds to a maximum of 3000mm wide with a 3000mm drop, which should cover most windows. Larger windows can be covered by butting multiple blinds up against each other.

Q Are these blinds more expensive than others?

AWindow cellular blinds are actually more affordable than most people think and are comparable in price to our roller blinds range. The added benefit of this product is that they will also save you on your energy bills.